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Portrait of Senior Woman

They find people who are not normally on our radar
We shall certainly be using them again

Independent London Builders Merchant

Middle Aged Woman

As a white goods importer in the Catering Equipment industry we call in Capable Consultants whenever we have an issue outside of our normal ability to cope

Major Catering Equipment Distributor Manufacturer and Importer

Mature Businessman

A square peg in a square hole, thank you for introducing us to her

Midland Catering Equipment  Importer, Distributor and Main Licensed Dealer



Attractive Young Woman

Capable Consultants rescued me from a dead end job in my family business 
Everyone said I'd never flourish elsewhere but I've managed to prove them all wrong

November 2021

Male Portrait

Capable Consultants gave me the opportunity to springboard my career from "spinning spanners" to becoming a fully fledged Project Manager

September 2021

Woman in Yellow

I was delighted to step into a Design role in the Catering Equipment world having attained my Degree

Other industries had rejected me and placed me in a Catch 22 situation

August 2021

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